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Reimagine Sport and Wellness Curriculum

A new approach to higher education will equip students with the innovative tools, skills, experiences, and knowledge they need to enter the modern workforce. Students will be able to directly connect to the sport and wellness space through novel academic courses, programs, research projects, internship opportunities, experiential learning, and degrees.

Our approach has five objectives:

  • Explore new instructional programs and subject areas
  • Foster internship and experiential learning programs
  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Provide access to resources that promote success
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of campus and community members

Explore new instructional programs and subject areas:

Sport and wellness work is not contained in a single department, field, or topic. The university will reimagine its curriculum to improve the quality and rigor of sport and wellness-related courses, expand topical focus areas, build on existing programs, and ensure that the curriculum reflects the needs of industry and society and remains on the cutting edge.

Foster internship and experiential learning programs:

Establishing transdisciplinary learning and internship opportunities across academia, athletics, industry, and government will prepare students for careers that are responsive to the long- term needs of society and the economy.

Promote a culture of entrepreneurship:

Encompassing entrepreneurship within sport and wellness research can drive industrial innovation and deliver transformative economic and social benefits. We will build educational excellence and leadership acumen by connecting various disciplines across the university with external industry partners that are willing to fund excellent ideas with meaningful sport, health, and wellness impacts.

Provide access to resources that promote success:

Encouraging faculty and student success requires providing them with access to programs, workshops, and other resources that will help them reach their education and career goals.

Improve the health and wellbeing of campus and community members:

Applying the outcomes of the Sport and Wellness Initiative will help improve the health and quality of life for the university’s campus community and all Oregonians to promote health equity and address health disparities. This Initiative will work to remove socioeconomic barriers; raise awareness that sport and wellness is for all ages, abilities, and body sizes; and improve access to campus health and wellness resources. Meanwhile, the collaborative relationships across university departments and with external organizations will help provide new techniques, services, and programs responsive to the needs of all students, student athletes, and Oregonians.


Provost Patrick Phillips said this about UO Sport and Wellness, "This initiative is designed to integrate and increase the impact of a wide range of academic fields in sport and wellness; provide world-class experiences and educational opportunities to attract students; and align the university with research and expertise on healthy living and environmental quality, while helping the residents of the state live longer, healthier lives."