IHP Criteria

2023 IHP - Sport & Wellness Initiative-specific Criteria

All 2023 Institutional Hiring Plan (IHP) proposals must follow the IHP process and use the IHP template located here. In addition to the criteria outlined on the IHP page, proposals that are tied to the Sport & Wellness Initiative must describe how the search will contribute to the development and success of this initiative, referring to the appropriate linked initiative-specific criteria outlined below.

IHP proposals related to the Sport & Wellness Initiative will be most successful when they (1) build from and advance the core beliefs of the Sport and Wellness Initiative and (2) connect directly with the objectives listed below.

A percentage of teaching and service for an approved hire linked to the Sport and Wellness Initiative will be assigned to that Initiative. Thus, the school or college proposing the hire should expect a teaching and service contribution net of the teaching and service assigned to the Initiative.

The Sport and Wellness Initiative extends the University of Oregon’s already strong reputation and leadership in the field by delivering a new model of transdisciplinary education and research that recognizes the integrated nature of sport and wellness fields. Programs, courses, research, and partnerships are structured to train the next generation of leaders in the space and address complex sport and wellness problems with innovative and applied solutions that benefit all people across ages, abilities, and health.

We will achieve our mission of redefining sport and wellness by collaborating across academic disciplines, athletics, industry, and government. These boundary-breaking connections create valuable and impactful programs, resources, and centers dedicated to empowering and enabling people who are invested in the improvement of health and wellbeing for all. Faculty will engage with each other and with students in new and interactive ways to take on modern challenges in sport and wellness as part of a culture that encourages meaningful risk-taking and rewards the impactful solutions that follow.

Areas of expertise:

  • Athletics and Sports Science
  • Health, Human Performance and the Human Condition
  • Journalism and Communication
  • Law, Ethics, and Policy
  • Societal Transformation
  • Sports Business
  • Sports Product

The Sport and Wellness Initiative aims to deliver social and economic benefits to individuals and communities around the world through sport-related education, research, innovation, service and participation.  IHP proposals related to the Sport and Wellness Initiative should describe how a hire will contribute to one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Inform and improve performance, injury prevention, physical health and mental well-being in those that participate in sport and undertake physical activity
  2. Embrace and promote inclusivity for all in sport, at all levels, including gender, race, disability, and sexuality
  3. Promote sport as a driver for political and societal change around the globe
  4. Promote changes to sport which seek to minimize environmental impact and enhance sustainability

Faculty in the Sport and Wellness Leadership Council will provide input to the provost during the review of IHP proposals.